Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation

Message From The Minister

We stand to strengthen Somali's transportation connectivity and develop the transport sector's potential to advance our economic competitiveness and the quality of life across Somalia.

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We Stand to Serve The Nation

At this time, MOTCA has five main tasks to follow:

  • Providing of effective, efficient and sustainable transportation services for Somali’s
  • Development of a new international airport in Somalia
  • Monitoring of civil aviation requirements and regulations to that of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • Designing and creating of crucial infrastructure and planning of active national and international capacities
  • Improving of economical aviation environment for both domestic and international services

News & Events

Muqdisho, September, 20, 2022 – Wasiirka …

Muqdisho, 18, September,2022:- Wasiirka Gaadiidka iyo …

Muqdisho,15 September, 2022:- Wasiiru’dawlaha Wasaaradda Gadiidka …

Muqdisho, September, 10, 2022 – Wasiirka …

Muqdisho,06,Sep,2022:- Wasiirka Gaadiidka iyo Duulista Hawada …

Muqdisho,06,Sep,2022:- Wasiirka Gaadiidka iyo Duulista Hawada …

Muqdisho.30,AUG,2022:- Wasiirka Gaadiidka iyo Duulista Hawadda …

Air Operating certificate for the Somali Air-Space has been issued for the first time in 30 years.

We were able to inaugurate Ugas Khalif Airport in Beledweyne today. is one of the most modern airports in the country, after much effort.

Major renovations will be made to Aden Abdulle International airport particularly the runway, which was lastly renovated during the central governement of Somalia.

During the meeting, they discussed strengthening the cooperation between the two nations, notably in the transport and aviation sector.

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