Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation

Somali Minister of aviation attends 41st meeting of ICAO in Montreal

Montreal – A delegation led by Somali Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Fardowsa Osman Egal, attended the opening of the 41st meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal, Canada, on Tuesday.

More than 3,000 delegates from the ICAO Member States and representatives of international organizations attended the conference.

The conference will continue from 27 Sept – 7 Oct, during which member states and representatives from international organizations will establish the ICAO’s priorities, supporting the increased sustainability and digitalization of 21st-century air transport.

“For Somalia – a member of the voting countries is benefiting from this conference to advance its efforts in the aviation sector,” the Minister said.

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Fardowsa Osman Egal, said that the conference would showcase Somalia’s achievements and development efforts in aviation.

She will also meet with ministers, the head of ICAO, and the organizations participating in the conference to achieve the goal of Somalia becoming one of the most advanced countries in aviation and air management.

The ICAO is a United Nations specialized agency that works with its 193 member states to set and audit safety, security, emissions, navigation, and facilitation standards to shape and improve international air operations.